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Bold and adventurous are just two adjectives from many that can

describe this artist's unique perspective of life and the world around

him. Victor Vincent Davies is a modern day Renaissance man as he

explores new landscapes of expression. Born and raised in London's

East End, he began his voyage as an artist and music producer gaining

success with countless albums for himself and other artists and

expanding further into the world of music videos and film. His calling

towards creating these unforgettable works of art are a testament to

his ever expanding visionary soul. A force to be reckoned with, the

buzz and of his art has already began around the world. These pieces

are an exciting glimpse of Victor's onward journey as a

painter, and what a magical journey it is to be part of.


Gallery Napiorkowska 

July 4th - July 28th  2019



November  19th 2018

Warsaw Stock Exchange

October 28th 2018

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