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Art Collecting 101

🎨 Dive into the world of art with our captivating prints, where every stroke tells a story and every hue whispers inspiration! 🖌️


Are you ready to embark on a journey of creativity and imagination? Our artist's prints are your ticket to a world where walls speak volumes and every glance unveils a new adventure!


Here's why you simply can't resist adding our prints to your collection:


1. **Affordable Art, Boundless Beauty:** Collecting art doesn't have to break the bank! Our prints offer you an affordable gateway into the enchanting realm of artistic expression. With prices that won't leave your wallet feeling blue, you can start building your dream gallery without hesitation.


2. **Limited Edition Treasures:** Snatch up something special! Each print is a limited edition masterpiece, adding an exclusive touch to your art collection. Be one of the privileged few to own a piece of this artistic brilliance!


3. **A Doodle Delight:** What's more delightful than a surprise doodle? Our prints come with a personalized touch—a charming doodle on the back by the artist. It's like receiving a secret message from the creator themselves, adding an extra layer of whimsy to your art experience.


4. **Art for Everyone:** Whether you're an avid art enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the vibrant waters of creativity, there's a print waiting for you. From bold and daring designs to soft and serene landscapes, there's something to match every taste and style.


5. **Spread Joy, Gift Art:** Looking for the perfect gift? Our prints are a surefire way to brighten someone's day! Share the magic of art with your loved ones and watch as smiles blossom with every unwrapped masterpiece.


Ready to transform your space into a gallery of wonders? Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your surroundings with our captivating prints. Start your collection today and let the adventure begin! 🌟

"Major Tom" is an intriguing print from an original painting that captures the essence of exploration and the poignant solitude of space, subtly nodding to David Bowie's iconic song. This artwork features an astronaut, alone in the vast expanse of the cosmos, encapsulating the thrill and isolation of venturing into the unknown. As the astronaut floats amidst the stars, there's a sense of both wonder and wistfulness, reflecting the complex emotions conveyed in Bowie's lyrics about the fictional astronaut.

The painting connects the personal journey of Major Tom with the broader human quest for knowledge and the existential reflections that often accompany journeys away from familiar ground. It's a celebration of human curiosity and bravery—the willingness to leave behind the known world and face the vast, silent depths of space. The image suggests that, like Major Tom, we are all explorers in our own lives, sometimes feeling detached yet always moving forward into new realms, driven by an insatiable desire to discover and understand. This print invites viewers to ponder their own personal frontiers, resonating with the timeless allure of the unknown that Bowie captured in his music.


Giclée Prints

   •    Paper Type: High-quality archival paper. 
   •    Weight: 200 gsm (grams per square meter) is common, though it can go higher for premium papers.
   •    Characteristics: Giclée prints use pigment-based inks which offer longevity and vibrant colors. The paper is acid-free, which prevents yellowing over time.

What's unique about Victor's prints as well is that each have a limited edition certificate with number. As well as this there is an origianl doodle created by Victor on the back of each print.

Major Tom Print (42 cm/59.4 cm)

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